June 6, 2017 level 5 Word Guru

As with many other word based games, Word Guru is now providing daily puzzles. You should solve all the level of June 6, 2017 Word Guru to get the 230 coins.

These are the answers to level 5 of June 6, 2017.



This is just one of the 5 levels. If you want the answers to another level of today’s puzzle visit the following link Word Guru June 6.

Or in alternative you can select a level from the list.

June 6, 2017 Word Guru answers

  1. June 6 Level 1
  2. June 6 Level 2
  3. June 6 Level 3
  4. June 6 Level 4
  5. June 6 Level 5

Please contact us if you experience any problem with the daily puzzles, especially if any of the answers provided by us are not the right one. We will immediately correct the mistake.

June 6, 2017 level 5 Word Guru

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